The C&R1Mountain Laurels love doing all kinds of weddings in the High Country of  North Carolina! We live in one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the world to be married and we are honored to do all types of CREceremonies! Our seasoned and professional musicians can provide the traditional classical wedding repertoire  or  we can bring our unique Celti-lachian tunes – a gorgeous mix of moving Celtic, Americana and Appalachian music.  Our instrumentation ranges for hammered dulcimer, guitar, violin, flute, vocal and banjo. Our violin player can also arrange for a classical quartet.

Prices are negotiable and  based on length of performance and number of performers.  We provide our own sound system (Bose) which brings us the highest quality sound with with low footprint and easy set up.  Please contact us for pricing details

IMG_0349Listen to a few demos of our wedding music below

Pachelbel’s Canon 

Jesu Mans Desiring

Ashe Grove